How Do I Back Up My AOL Desktop Gold


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How do I backup my AOL Desktop Gold?

AOL Desktop Gold is able to provide you a quality satisfaction as it helps to protect your data and other files using the advanced features and enhanced technologies. AOL desktop gold is an efficient way of browsing the internet and accessing emails simultaneously with the sheer feeling of the immeasurable experience. It not only helps you access the internet but also provide you a greater advantage to access the video, music, and games with the advanced innovative approach. You can download AOL desktop gold and use these features to enhance your experience. Now if you want to access your AOL desktop gold to a new computer and want to keep your data and other files accessed you need to follow this blog till the end. You will get complete information about making backups and import/export the data and other files to your new computer. You will need this support either you try to log in with the new computer or log in with your old AOL account.

Easy process to back up your AOL desktop gold

There are three types to create a backup for AOL desktop gold. You can import and export files to the new computer/from the previous version or can directly create a backup.

Type 1. Import and export data to another computer

In this case, you want to access AOL data to another computer you need to follow this method to import and export files:

  • Go to the login page and sign into AOL desktop gold
  • In the settings option navigate “My data tab”
  • Then select “Import” or “Export” option as you prefer
  • Now you can grab those files that you want
  • You should also create a password that will provide you the access of files later

Type 2. Import AOL gold data from the previous version

In case if you are trying to access AOL gold data from the previous version you can easily import it with these steps given below:

  • Open the AOL login page and sign in with your username and password
  • Navigate the file option and open it
  • Now you need to open “Import Wizard” and click “Ok” to start the process
  • After completing the process again click on “Ok”

Type 3. Create a direct backup of your AOL desktop gold

  • To do so follow these steps:
  • Navigate the files named .abi
  • And find “C_America Online 9.0” folder
  • Choose the option “Organize folder” and click “Edit/copy”
  • Then you can locate this file to any of the chosen folder
  • Once you choose the folder open menu option and paste it here

These processes are complete solutions to create an easy backup of your AOL desktop gold in an easy manner. You can download and install AOL desktop gold latest version and experience the most advanced browsing services.

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