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AOL Desktop Gold Support

AOL Desktop Gold is very amazing and easy to use the desktop that comes with very great web browsing, emailing, and upgraded security features. It is a very common phenomenon that the users tilt towards the latest and advanced technology products and services. Call aol desktop gold support to get best assistance.It may be any product whether a software product or a hardware product the curiosity of knowing new things becomes higher. And we are discussing AOL Desktop Gold support today which is newly launched by AOL with enhanced features and services comprised of. If you are facing issues with your AOL Desktop installation process then you can try downloading Desktop Gold for a better and enhanced change. AOL also offered its aol desktop gold support +1-844-453-0555 just in case if you are in need of some urgency and need instant help. 
You can download now new version of AOL Gold like AOL Gold, AOL 9.8 and even old version AOL like AOL 9.7 and 7.0 and others as well for free of cost. AOL desktop provide a wide and extensive range of links to access different types of internet facilities and link like weather, sports, news, finances, TV, entertainment and radio, and much more. AOL Gold have a great feature that is Administrator which control all link or activities and track the all downloads.
You can manage your inbox with utilities like reading, writing and block emails and it depends on you that what you want, as well as it helps you to keep tabs on your address book.

Now You Can Have The Desktop Gold Of Your Dreams – Cheaper/Faster Than You Ever Imagined

With the introduction of new “AOL Desktop Gold”, it has been proved that with major transformations it has only become better. The Gold version of AOL has come with 2 major extended features; improved security & automatic updates installation without hurting your running work. Users have reported many issues they are facing with AOL Desktop Gold, which can be categorized into temporary errors & critical technical issues.
Few of these are
  • The problem in installing AOL Desktop Gold AOL Desktop Gold works really slow
  • Singing in issue with AOL Desktop Gold
  • The problem in receiving or sending emails
  • Getting Server errors in AOL Desktop Gold
  • Forgetting & Resetting the Password with AOL
  • Printing issues from AOL Desktop Gold
  • AOL Desktop Gold browsing issues


User-friendly and automatic updates:Yes, this is very true the latest desktop gold is very user-friendly and it updates itself automatically. When the users upgrade their AOL Software to the Desktop Gold the usernames, contact and the passwords transfers automatically to the new version. The latest updates also require very less memory space.

Enhanced Security Features:AOL Desktop Gold comes with the latest and enhanced security features so that your passwords and credentials become safe from the hackers.

Import Wizard Is Used For Transferring The Information:AOL Desktop Gold comes with an import wizard with the help of which you can transfer your usernames, documents, passwords from the older version to the latest one.

Can I make AOL Desktop Gold as my default browser?

Yes, you can make Desktop Gold as your default browser just by following some simple steps:-

  • Open your AOL Desktop Gold browser
  • Now you have to sign in with the correct username and the password which you use to login into AOL Desktop Gold
  • Go to the settings
  • You will see a general tab there
  • Click on the Make Default button to set AOL Desktop Gold as your default browser